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About Us

I want the best outcome for you because your success is my top priority!


Lynne Bjorgen

Whether you’re a realtor or homeowner looking to sell, I take time to provide my very best and deliver a quality experience and impeccable results.

I stand behind my commitment to my clients and give you the individualized attention you (and your home) deserves.

How I Got Started

Throughout my husband’s career, we’ve moved a lot (think every 2-3 years) and as a result, I became a bit of a pro at repurposing our belongings to fit new spaces and interior decorating. My love for all things “home” quickly became an obsession as I creatively redesigned each new space we found ourselves living in. I also had a great opportunity to be exposed to different cultures and unique furnishings overseas.

After relocating to New Hampshire in 2015, my husband and I began the quest for our forever home. We attended open houses, viewed property after property, and it became apparent to me just how much of an impact home staging could have on marketing a home to potential buyers!

In 2017, I went all in on opening my home staging business so I could bring the passion and skills I had for interior decorating to clients throughout the state. I love helping homeowners and real estate agents create masterpieces that potential buyers can envision themselves enjoying for years to come.

We’ll make a great fit if:

  • You’re looking for the benefits of a staged home (maximum price and reduced time on the market)
  • You want a home that stands out in a competitive space
  • You understand the importance of bringing in a certified home stager and want guidance in preparing your home to sell
  • You want to work with a home stager who goes above and beyond to understand your individual goals and help you achieve them every step of the way
  • You desire to hire someone who’s available to meet with you, answer your questions, and focus on YOUR success

My greatest joy is when you share the news that your home got multiple offers at an over-asking price! I’ll celebrate alongside you because my success is your success.

My work brings me tons of happiness and I wake up looking forward to working and helping my clients everyday. For fun in my personal life, I enjoy exercising with my husband and dog, getting outdoors, and listening to podcasts about interior decoration, staging, and women’s health.

Who needs an alarm clock? All I need to get me excited to get out of bed in the morning is knowing I have a great book to read and family and clients I love.

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to help you maximize the equity in your home and reduce the time it takes to sell in today’s real estate market.

Vivid Home Staging works in NH, MA, and surrounding areas. Every home listing can be improved with staging to help it stand out against the competition.